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Techno Sweat, the first and only company offering music for athletes at speeds designed to assist in training, has officially launched.

Techno Sweat's patented delivery system allows athletes to train at speeds ranging from beginner to elite.  Weekend warriors and serious athletes will appreciate the ability to find music at speeds designed for athletics and for THEIR training needs.

And Techno Sweat will have all the music you need - in one place.

Each song chosen will be available in 5 different speeds -  and available for immediate delivery by DOWNLOAD!

Songs will be chosen in a number of ways:

     original songs from Techno Sweat musicians
     songs licensed from established artists and remixed for better sound while training
     songs sent in my independent musicians who want to have their music considered for
         remix and distribution by Techno Sweat
     songs submitted by athletes for speed changes

Techno Sweat also has the largest catalogue of workout songs listed by beats per minute - all popoular American and worldwide music - and of every type - rock, pop, hip hop, you name it!

Techno Sweat begins its original series with music by an accomplished Israeli composer/performer, Silicon Monk.  Silicon Monk's music was chosen because it represents the type of music athletes will find most enjoyable to hear while training -  crisp and fast-paced with electronic sounds designed to motivate athletes to start fast and stay fast.

Techno Sweat is also the first company to offer services to SPEED UP SONGS ALREADY OWNED BY ATHLETES. So, for the first time, athletes can send Techno Sweat the music they like most and we will change the speed for them (faster or slower).

A number of world class athletes, includng KATYA MEYERS, elite female traithlete, have tested Techno Sweat and have highly endorsed the methodology.

Techno Sweat   Propulsion for AthletesSM


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